What is an Aesthetic Medical Center?

An aesthetic medical center is a one that provides services related to the skin. It makes the skin look younger and healthier. The treatment is usually done by laser or other service based modes. People mostly go under these treatments to look better than before and the other reason is that they want to inspire others.

Aesthetic Methods

There are some aesthetic methods which comprises of the following.

  • Chemical peels. Chemical peels are a type of cosmetic treatment which is usually done face, neck and hands. This procedure is done to remove mutilated skin cells to obtain a fine skin. The peels are of three types; medium, light and deep.

Chemical peels are done to improve the aesthetics of the skin giving it a fresh look. Chemical peels is done to treat wrinkles, scars, scars of acne, pigmentation, difference in color of the skin, etc.

Some side effects which you could get after the treatment of chemical peels includes infections, difference in the color of the skin, damage to kidney or heart, etc.

  • Transplant of Hair. If you are getting bald or your hair is getting thinner then hair transplant is your ultimate solution to get hair. Transplant of hair means to add hair where there are less hair.

Some precautions after the treatment are as follows.

Do not wash your hair immediately after the transplant. Stop exercising for a week. Avoid wearing hats or hoodies before asking a doctor. Use soft combs and shampoos so there is no pain and itching. You can go back to your normal routine within 2-3 days of the treatment.

Side effects of hair transplant may include infections, swelling, bleeding, pain and itching on the scalp, faintness, pain in the head, etc.

  • Contouring of the body. Contouring of the body can also be referred to as fat reduction. Contouring is done to remove the excess fat from the body and brings the body in the perfect shape.  The areas treated in this type of procedure includes arms, thighs, double chin, abdomen, etc. A single treatment in a particular area takes around 30-60 minutes.

Side effects observed after contouring of the body includes redness, inflammation and ache in the area which is treated.

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