People are now more towards using the self storage Dubai because of the extra stuff they have in their house. These storage units in Dubai are easily available in different areas and you need to select the storage which is near to your house and then you can take the space according to the stuff you need to put there. If the stuff is less in quantity then you need to get a smaller space rather than the bigger one. You need to pack your stuff carefully with proper things and here are the essential things to pack your stuff:

Boxes: You need to have good boxes which you can also take from the storage facility but they are a bit expensive so you can take them from your local store. Always make sure to have the boxes which are not ripped or tear from any place because in this way your tings may get ruined by the insects, although the storage staff will take care of the insets and disinfect their place properly on regular basis but you need to be careful about it too. You need to have different sizes because all your stuff needs different care. Clothes should be fold properly and if you are putting winter stuff then they occupy more space so you need big boxes for your winter stuff. You can also use bubble wrap for your books or other items which you think are fragile and needs protection.

Tapes and markers: You need to pack your boxes with good tapes but make sure that you do not put the tape too hard because it will be difficult for you to unpack and get your stuff when you need and you may also tear the box during unpeeling the tape from it. You also need to have good markers with you can write in your boxes. Make sure to write it clearly with bold marker. You can also use different colored markers to differentiate between your stuff if you have more things to put in your storage. If you have few boxes of clothes and few of books then you can ark the clothes one with red marker and books one with blue marker so it will be easier for you to know which stuff is in which box without even reading what you have marked.