Coffee is the need of everyone right now. And the best thing that you can make the must-to-drink coffees at your home easily. All you have to do is to follow the recipes. If you want some recipes, then scroll down and find it!

CARAMEL MACCHIATO: Its icy and creamy coffee which you would find sweet and strong Yet, it takes five minutes to prepare, hardly. To prepare it, you would need:

  1. Espresso- two shots
  2. 240 ml of cold milk
  3. 20 ml of vanilla syrup
  4. 20 ml of caramel sauce, and
  5. A cup of ice

What you have to do is to add milk, espresso, ice and vanilla in blender or cup and blend it until you get the texture. After getting texture, top it with caramel sauce. The coffee is ready.

CAFÉ MOCHA: It is creamy and chocolaty coffee which would help you to tolerate the bitterness of coffee beans with the sweetness of chocolate. To make it, you would need

  1. mocha/Chocolate powder-2/3 cup
  2. skimmed milk- 1 to 2 cup
  3. cream (whipped)
  4. coffee grinder
  5. coffee beans (dark roaster)- 2 tablespoons

For mocha, you have to warm the mil firstly on stove while putting chocolate powder in a big mug. Pour heated milk over the chocolate powder. Mix the well. Add coffee beans in the mug. Top it with cream and chocolate powder. Your Caffe Mocha is ready! If you have coffee machine, Dubai is the largest maker of it, then it is easier to make.

Americano: It is one of the strongest coffee which is different from other espresso-made does not use milk to make liquid. It consists of only two ingredients. To make Americano, you will need

  1. water
  2. Espresso- 3 ounces or 3 shots

To make Americano, put three shots of espresso in a glass while boil the water at the same. Pour hot water in your mug and add espresso in it from the glass. Thus, your Americano is ready to drink! You can have it with toasts to make a complete breakfast or take it alone to wake yourself up!

So, these are recipes of the most common coffees which you can prepare easily without machine. All you need is coffee and there are so many coffee beans suppliers in Dubai. So, buy beans from them and make the best coffee in your kitchen!