Debate cannot over that which is best option for living, rent home or buy home? Mostly people who are living in rented house think that it is best option. There are several reasons to rent a house such as they can enjoy living in different homes, they don’t have to pay maintenance expenses etc. But some people thinks that it is not best option to live in rented house, because they cannot modify the house according to their desires, they have to bear many expenses such as house rent, electricity bills or gas bills. Well, everyone has its own opinion and we should respect it. In this article we will share with you some pros and cons of renting homes in La Vie Dubai

Pros of renting home:

Here are some pros of renting home.

You don’t have to worry about maintenance:

When you buy you own house, you are the responsible for all the repairs and maintenance. You have to bear all expenses alone. But when you rent a home you don’t have to worry about any breaking, leaking something.  If you fix something by yourself then landlord will pay you for this. You can also inform to landlord about any break down, because he is responsible to fix this problem. You just need to inform him. Some landlords ask you for maintenance but you should not agree on this term.

Benefits of mobility:

If you have to move on regular basis then renting home is best choice for you. it is easy for you to rent property anywhere in the city near to your workplace. It depends on you that what kind of location you want to rent out. 

Economical rent prices:

It is easy for you to choose the economical rented home or get the cheapest studio apartments for sale in Dubai. Through renting you can save hundreds and thousands with renting home.

Cons of renting home:

Some cons of renting home.

You cannot remodel or modify rented house:

One of the biggest disadvantages of renting home that you cannot modify rented house according to your desire. You cannot replace cabinet, even cannot change your room carpet. Always you have to ask for permission to your landlord. If he is agree then he will make all changes because ultimately it’s his property.

You are paying for someone’s property:

When you rent a house, that means you are paying electricity bills, maintenance charges and property taxes for someone’s property, when you think about it, it’s actually hurt always.