Starting a any company or a any business in this era can be very tough. It can be tough because you need a lot of money and different plans with tons of paper works and it can be more tough because there are many competitors who have the same business and you and questions that are asked by you like; how you think you can run this business.? Back in the old days when people needed to shift their home from one place to another and they would just do just about everything on their own but now in the modern days where you don’t need to move a muscle and things are done on their own, moving, packing or shifting things has become a very popular business.

Let us consider an example that you wanted to start a moving and packing company in UAE. So, first what you need to do is start your business is by getting a transportation, packing, shifting and moving license or permit. But there are many procedures of getting the license and the first process is to get the license or permit you need to get your plan approved by different sectors of UAE and idea proposal approved from the main UAE Department of Transportation and UAE Economic Department by filling a form and paying a business fee. In that form you need to explain them each and everything about your resources within the market, show a bank statement that says you have good investment and that are needed when you have to take a loan against your company and if you face any loss during doing business would you be able to give the loan back, opportunities that other people can get from your company and explain the key working and operations of your company. If you have managed to get a permit or license, now you need to start buying your equipment for the moving and packing and the first is to get a truck. 

If you get really lucky and you get with a good start then you can even buy your own vehicles but don’t forget to get them insured with you nearest insurance firm. You can also hire some of the best professional packers and movers in Abu Dhabi and there are different home movers in Abu Dhabi too.