When people want to go for the immigration Australia then they need to hire an agent for this purpose that will provide the information regarding the entire process and help you in whatever you need. You can also get this agent through the Canadian consulate Muscat, who will help you in going back to your country once you entered in to that country. You have to keep in mind that your country’s consulate will always be there to help you in any difficulty so you need to know where it resides and keep in touch with them. As long as the gent is concerned you can find him with the following things:

Immigration needs to involve some kind of law and legal issues in that too so you need to hire the agent who knows about the legal things and can give you best advices for that. If he has a law degree then it will be better to hire him because he will know more than any other agent in the area.

Then you need to see that whether the agent is working alone or with any food agency. You have to select the one which is working with the help of agency because they will provide you better guidance and you will not have to worry about many things once you hire through the agency. It may be difficult for you because they are expensive than the other agents who work alone but you have to get them due to the facilities they can give you.

AN important thing is that you need to see the previous clients who get benefited from that agent. It is important to know about them because they will provide you with best advice and share their personal experiences with you. You do not have to be worried of afraid by asking the previous clients because it is your legal right to know about a person before hiring and no one will judge you for that. If an agent gets angry upon investigation about his work then you need to stop seeing them as they might create trouble for you in future as they did with their previous clients. A person who works fairly will never be afraid of investigation about him from his clients. You need to take care of the behavior of agent.