You can say that chiropractic treatment is like building blocks or Lego. There are different steps which involve in making a structure strong and long lasting also it should work perfectly. For example, if you build the walls first without the having a firm foundation the building will be weak which will eventually cause it to collapse sooner or later. Just like that if you construct the roof first the walls and other parts of the building will fall due to its weak constructions. So, now you have the idea that the human body also works in the same way like building any other building. And in case of chiropractic treatment and care there are plans, steps and various process that your body has to go to through to make it work properly, effectively and a therapy which lasts forever.

There are many phases of chiropractic therapy that are practiced worldwide but the Chiropractors in Dubai use only 3 phases of chiropractic therapy and this is the reason that there are the best chiropractic in Dubai. The first phase includes the relief care therapy. But what most people do is that in the relief care phase people start to feel better an they stop showing up on their appointments and what people don’t realize that pain is the most poor and bad indicator of health and it gets worse when the pain gets back. And this is another reason that people have brought bad reputation of this therapy. This causes the underlying pain to remain and it becomes chronic with the passage of time.

The second phase includes restorative and corrective care. Even if people start to get better this phase is important because depending upon the patient’s conditions, the chiropractors can foresee the circumstances of the occurrence of pain. In this phase chiropractors suggest light exercise and different type of stretches which will not only strengthen your muscles a body but it will also help in accelerating the healing of all types of pains and spasms.

In the last phase your body has almost healed and the chiropractors make sure that you eat a proper diet that maintains your proteins and body fat. No wonder most chiropractors when studying have to study about nutrition as well because body too much fat can also cause back pain as well.