Translation of financial statements is about translating all sorts of documents related to the field of finances in the desired language. These documents can range from all types of documents in training material and devices to pharmaceutical field all the way to marketing supplies and translating technical documents. Legal translation in Abu Dhabi is also widely known for its medical translation as it is acquired as a side profession by doctors in order to translate medical records, history, prescriptions and diagnosis in different languages in order to be understood.

Carrying out medical translation is a very critical and sensitive task in nature and this is why highly professional people who are excellent in a specific pair of language and a good understanding of medicine can be perfect for this task. The process involves a few steps first one of which is usually extraction of texts and simply translating it into desired or targeted language. Once the text is translated, it is then handed over the editor who checks the medical terminology and makes sure that it is according to the right translation and meanings. There is no space for mistakes as sometimes, life of patients are at risk. Editor is also responsible for checking the consistency and style of the writing so that it is easy to understand and that it is designed according to the local speaking. 

After these steps are carefully carried out and the editor is sure of their final draft, it is put back into its original format such as Word or web page etc. but that does not mean that the work is done. The document then has to go through a proofreader in order to make sure that the format which the document was translated back to will be displayed correctly or not. The breakdown of text, punctuation and jumbled text is correct or not because these small things will matter a lot when the readers will start reading the translated text. Sometimes a native speaker is also asked to review the document which will help in making the document more accurate.

Once all of these steps are followed, the final copy will be sent to client. As mentioned earlier, translators need to make sure that they are highly accurate and precise.