5 Common Reasons Your Tyres Go Flat

Tyres face tough challenges on the road – from rough terrains to extreme conditions and weather elements. At times, they come out with less wear, but there are instances when they are not able to withstand certain conditions that lead to flat and damaged tyres.

But by knowing the causes, you can prep and prolong the lifespan of your car tyres. Here are some of the common causes of flat tyres:

  • Tough and bad terrain


Most of the time, bad road condition is the primary culprit for flat tyres. Those potholes, uneven paving and road debris can potentially damage your vehicle. Sometimes, you can avoid them, but most of the times you can’t. But if you know that you will be driving your car on an extreme terrain, be sure to replace your old tyres and get durable Dunlop tyres in Sharjah that can withstand any road condition or terrain.


  • Extreme weather conditions


It is a known fact that most car tyres go flat in the summer season or in hot and humid places. It is because high temperature can cause the air inside your tyres to expand, causing too much pressure on the material. If the pressure is not lessened, it can cause a leak or totally blow out the tyres. The best thing to do is to switch to the right kind of tyres in between seasons. Seasonal tyres are made specifically to work best on specific weather and climate conditions. Also, make it a habit to check your car tyre pressure to avoid blowouts during trips.


  • Bad driving


If you have a habit of driving at an accelerated speed and stepping on your brakes at midpoint, you are certainly doing damage on your car, specifically your tyres. Bad braking habits and other bad driving practices can cause your tyres to misalign and become unbalanced.


  • Valve stem issues


Sometimes, the cause of flat tyres is something very discreet, like a valve stem leakage. The valve stem is the part of your tyre that you unscrew when putting air. A small damage on this part can cause the tyres to lose air and go flat gradually.

  • Time element


Whether you are using your tyres or not, it is still subject to natural wear and tear. It is just a matter of time before the tyres will be rendered useless. This part is unpreventable, but you can slow down the process through proper car and tyre maintenance.

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